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If you are looking for a range that will fit in with your existing philosophy – Prosperina Cosmetics is that range.

Whether you are a Spa, Salon, Make Up Artist, Tanning Salon or School we can tailor the range to suit your needs.

You should enjoy working with your cosmetics range and your clients should LOVE wearing it.

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Surrenity Hair Design & Beauty was first introduced to Prosperina Cosmetics through their web-site. From there a personal contact meet-and-greet took place to introduce us into the world of this beautiful range of professional makeup.

This range of Prosperina will leave you with a memorable experience of flawless, glowing skin and easy application for use by the professional or for home life.

You will not just benefit from the use of Prosperina, but your clients will get the most professional look with so many looks to choose from; the glitz and glam of a special event to the casual every day look, wearable and transforming beauty without.

I personally¬†love the feel of this range. The color choices are amazing, from subtle to eye-popping candy to that low maintenance look. Mineral and non-mineral makeup, the abundance of palettes that satisfy all your heart’s desires for that high definition finish.

Personally, why wouldn’t you want a range that delivers what it says; a must have in my books. It’s a secret waiting to be unveiled and shared with everyone.

I have found my slice of heaven from this range – have you found yours?!

Bernie O’Neill
Surrenity Hair Design & Beauty Professional
Hair – Makeup Artist